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Our Vision

  • To facilitate the members of trade and industry and services to promote their products nationally and internationally.
  • Multan Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry Multan shall endeavor to provide effective and efficient service provider and direction to all over Pakistan for optimum promotion of trade, industry, professionalism and good corporate governance.

Our Mission

  • To provide facilitation for growth and development of trade through provision of relevant and timely information and advice’s.
  • To promote professionalism up to the international standard.

Our Objectives

  • Provide members a forum for the exchange of information and their development.
  • Support and participate in our local programs.
  • Promote and provide exposure through our resources and community activities.
  • We are a voice for our members.
  • We act as a liaison between local government and our members.
  • Support efforts of expansion and revitalization.
  • Discover and correct abuses that are detrimental to business.
  • Encourage business development and growth in the community of Multan.

Key Responsibilities

  • Effective Government interface for formulation and implementation of business oriented policies.
  • Effective redress business problems.Promotion of all sectors and subsectors of Small business.
  • Promotion of Country internal trade business.
  • Making positive contribution towards development of small trade community.

Core Functions

  • To suggest Government for making Small traders Policy and Regulations management.
  • Sectoral Business Development.
  • Internal Trade Promotion.
  • Business Information Management.
  • Positive image promotion of Trade & Industry.

Supportive Functions

  • Research & Development.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Administration.
  • Communication
  • Event Management.
  • Public Relations & Protocol
  • Record Management.